I Think I Am Going to Throw Up

With a catchy title and a catchy tune, this one is sure to be popular with kids. When else do you get to sing “I think I’m going to throw up” and “I think I’m gonna hurl” at church?



  1. I actually love this! My wife does not share my sentiments.

  2. I'm with Jared's wife, I'm afraid.
    I prefer songs that lead the kids' thoughts into more profitable areas. I can just see them posturing like they are going to puke! In my opinon it doesn't really relate to true worship.
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  3. I think it's kind of catchy, and I think kids would like it (particularly boys). It does lack any sort of deep theological sentiment though :). I'm not sure I would I classify it as worship, but I guess if it is done "as unto the Lord" then that qualifies. I do think it's clever.though. Plus, if it gets the boys moving and doing motions, who knows if that may lead to more fruitful worship when you follow this one with a bit deeper song.
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  4. TeachingForChrist |

    We sing this in Childrens church all the time, the kids LOVE it. Some adults might be offended but than again Childrens Ministry is not for sissys 🙂 If you cant get down to their level and have silly fun with them they will never relate to you and you wont be able to reach them. And we absolutely do throwing up motions LOL and we laugh like crazy then when it says "to the Lord" we raise our hands and praise Jesus. So much fun 🙂