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Homework, A Devotional Time?? – Part 3

Homework In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we have examined six ways to turn homework time into devotion time.  Today we will look at a final four ways that you, as a parent, can make your child’s homework a time of worship and honoring to God.

7. Explain that God gives us gifts as a stewardship and it is a students job to develop those gifts and use them.

God gives different gifts to different people, and there is no doubt that he has given each of us gifting in different areas.  That is why some students excel in math and others excel in the area of language arts.  We have a responsibility to God to develop our minds, but we have a extra duty to develop those areas where God has gifted us.  The Bible tells us that God gave us our gifts to be a blessing to other people.  Unfortunately, many schools teach to the lowest common denominator and kids tends to breeze easily through those subjects and classes where they are naturally gifted.  As students, your goal should not to be merely to “get by” or “even make good grades.”  Your goal should be to excel and continue to grow in those areas where God has gifted you.  As Christian parents, our job is to continue to challenge our kids in those areas that they find “easy” so they continue to grow in those areas.

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Homework, A Devotional Time?? – Part 2

Homework Yesterday, we began a series looking at a number of ways to redeem your children’s homework time. Today we will look at three more ways.

4. Show them God’s creativity in their homework.

It is very easy to let homework become a drain.  What is the Pythagorean theorem?  What is the formula for gravity?  There is a whole lot of information out there and more word problems that you can shake a stick at.  Help your child to see where it all comes from.  God precisely tuned the universe to work exactly the way it does.  Go decided the sum of two squares in a right triangle would be equal in length to third side.  God gave people the creativity to write the classics.  And, God gave us the ability to understand it all.  Sit back and ponder the enormous creative power of God in creating everything that you are studying.  Parents, rather than lamenting the lack of God in public school, help your child to understand how God fits into what they are learning.  After all, the Bible says that we as parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual development of our kids, not Mr. Jones in 2nd period geometry.

5. Explain how they can use their homework as a means of mission to reach other kids.

The last thing Jesus said to his disciples before the ascension was to go and make disciples of all nations.  So often, we teach kids about missions to 3rd world countries and ignore the mission field that they are bussed to five days a week.  Encourage your child to do well in their studies so that they can help other students with their homework.  What better way to share the love of Jesus with a struggling student than to help them out in subjects where they are struggling.

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Homework, A Devotional Time??

Homework It’s that time of year again.  The weather is beginning to cool, kids are playing soccer 24 hours a day seven days a week (sorry, a little personal frustration thrown in there), the windows are open, the leaves will be turning soon, and the smell of diesel fuel as school buses zoom down the road in front of your house is enough to make you fall over gasping for breath.  That’s right, it school time once again as mothers and fathers (mostly mothers) across the nation experience the simultaneous heartache and joy of sending there little back off to school.

With the beginning of school comes the inevitable joy and smiling of kids as they…..wait a minute.  That’s not it.  Maybe it is at your house, but for us school brings a bag of mixed emotions.  There is some excitement.  New school supplies are cool for a little while.  It’s good to kids to see friends again that the kids haven’t seen for several months, and there is even a little bit of excitement about new teachers and lockers and desks and such.  But then, there is grumbling.  Things like getting up before the sun and homework which seemed like distant memories such a few short weeks ago have once again become part of the daily routine.  So, what is a parent to do?  Here are ten ways you can help your child’s homework time become a devotional time without them even knowing it.  Sneaky, I know, but I prefer Jim Wideman’s approach to family devotions.  I’m pretty sure it was in one of his books (if not, I’ll give him the credit anyhow – he probably deserves it) that I read that he doesn’t believe in “traditional” family devotionals.  He postulates that if you are living your faith out in front of your kids you don’t need to manufacture devotional times (my words, not his, but I hope a decent summary).  He’s right, too.  As parents, we shouldn’t make following God something that we restrict to a set family devotional time.  Rather, it should be part of our daily lives, and homework is no different.

Over the next couple of days, we are going to look at ten ways to redeem homework time for God.  So, here we go.

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I Guess It Was Time

elvis9 Nine years ago this past April, my son Jacob was born.  It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been that long.  As a young boy (somewhere around 2 or 3), Jacob developed a strong affinity for two things: horses and dogs.  Along with that, Jacob is a talker.  I don’t mean that in any sort of bad way, Jacob has just always been talkative.  Whether it was yelling at people who wouldn’t talk to him in the grocery store when he was 8 months old, or making new friends with the people in the booth next to us at a restaurant when he was 18 months, or inviting our waitress at Bob Evans to come to our house for Christmas morning when he was four, Jacob has always liked to talk.  My reply when people tell me that Jacob talks a lot is always that he started talking when he was eight months old, and he hasn’t stopped yet.  As a proud Dad, most of the time I like hearing him talk (most of the time:)).  One of my great joys in life is listening to him to talk to other people about God.

So, what you might ask does talking have to do with horses and dogs?  Well, for roughly seven years now, I have listened to Jacob talk about how much he loves them both.  His obsession with horses was pretty easy to take care of.  Our house has a couple of acres of land, but we don’t have the facilities to have a horse, and Jacob accepted that pretty early in life.   So, every summer, he heads off to horse camp to renew his love for horses and riding and to get his “horse fix.”  Even when all his little friends decided that riding horses was for girls, he still held out and explained to them all about the cowboys and how he plans to move to Texas when he gets older and be a cowboy himself.  Like I said, horses were easy.

But, dogs, those infernal dogs kept coming up.  Every Christmas – every birthday – every time someone walked by outside with a furry canine, I heard about dogs.  I don’t dislike dogs.  I actually quite like them.  I tell people that, “I like dogs – other people’s dogs – a lot!”  But, I also enjoyed the fact that, at the moment, we were blissfully pet free.  No messes to clean up, no food to buy, no odd noises in the middle night – well at least none of the four legged variety.  I have a wife, four kids, a ministry, a job and a pretty busy life.  I struggle to find quiet time as it is, and the last thing I need to throw into that mix is a dog.  I’ve never actually owned a dog either, and I wasn’t entirely sure that I ever wanted to.  We grew up with cats, and I had a number of cats as an adult.  Cats are easy.  Give them a bowl of food, and let them think they own the place, and you’re pretty well set.  Other than changing the litter box once a week and feeding them, cats are pretty much self-sufficient.  Dogs on the other hand, oy-vey!

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The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (February 2010)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Welcome to The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. Every month we gather links from around the blogging world related to Children’s Ministry and issues important to those who work in Children’s Ministry and gather then together here in one place. There were a lot of great articles published this month in the world of Children’s Ministry. I hope you will take a few moments to check them out.

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To help identify what I view as the best, or most important, posts of the month, I’ve added this little graphic next to title of particularly pertinent posts. I think they’re all must-reads, but if you’re running short on time, you should make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

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