#32 – Don’t Forget Your Baritone (Tips For Large Group Teaching)

Welcome to a continuing series of tips on working with large groups of children. I hope that you will find these tips useful and be able to implement them in your dealings with large groups of kids. If you do, please leave a comment and let us know. For a complete list of posts in this series, please see the index page. So, without further introduction, here is today’s installment.

This won’t be a surprise to anyone reading this article, but most kids get really bored really quickly.  One way to keep kids engaged in what you are trying to teach them is to vary your vocal delivery.

If you’re telling a story and approaching the climax, let that come through in your delivery.  Heighten your pace and the tone as you explain how the ship the disciples were in was tossed to and fro in the storm.  Speak a little bit louder when you explain about the large crowds of people following Jesus.  Shout when you’re telling the story of Jericho’s walls falling down.

On the flip side, a great way to draw kids back in who may have disengaged from your story is to lower your voice and lower your tone.  Force them to strain just a little to hear you.  When you are talking about Jesus hanging on the cross, speak in hushed tones.  When you teach about the Garden of Gethsemane, let the anguish come through in your voice.   Mixing up your vocal delivery will help to keep kids engaged.  Let your inner thespian shine through!

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