You’re Losing Us!

I saw this video this morning on and it stirred something inside of me so I thought I would share it here.

It begs the question, what are you doing?  What are we doing in the largely untapped mission field of children?  When was the last time you shared the gospel with anyone under the age of 18?  When wad the last time you shared it with anyone?  When you think of winning people to Christ, what is the picture in your mind?  Is it ever a six year old little girl?  Is the children’s ministry in your church just a place where the kids go to learn Bible stories and behave while there parents get to hear about the transforming love of our Lord Jesus Christ?  In your children’s ministry are your kids learn about Noah and his arky-arky, or are they learning how to worship and singing about the greatness of God?  On Sundays, do we teach kids just how to behave and that God wants them to be good little boys and girls, or do we disciple them and teach them about the unknowable, unsurpassed, unquenchable love of God?  When you walk by the kids room on your way to “big church” do you think “that’s great, those kids are the church of tomorrow?”  Or, do you realize that those kids are your brothers and sisters today.  They are the church of tomorrow, but they are also the church of today.

These are the questions we have to ask ourselves.  These are the questions we have to deal with.  The eternal fate of our children rests on it!  What can you do today to make sure that another child is not lost?

What do you think?  What can we do as parents and/or leaders in Children’s Ministry to better reach, better serve and better disciple kids?  If you’re in Children’s Minstry, what is one specific thing you’ve started to do in the last six months or a year towards that goal?

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