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Branches of the Systematic Theology Tree

tree-clipart-2I’m not sure why exactly God put it on my heart to compile this listing, but since he did I decided I better do it.  Theology is the study of God.  Within Systematic Theology, there are various branches concerning elements of that study.  Each has a very proper name.  The following is, very simply, a listing of those branches:

  • Theology Proper – study of the doctrine of God.
  • Bibliology – study of the Bible.
  • Christology – study of Jesus.
  • Pneumatology – study of the Holy Spirit.
  • Anthropology – study of humanity.
  • Soteriology – study of Salvation.
  • Ecclesiology – study of the Church.
  • Eschatology – study of last things or end times.
  • Prolegomena – study of methods and presuppositions before one does systematic theology (sometimes this involves the study of how God reveals himself).
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