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Top 10 in 2010–Best Articles from The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol

2011 New YearEach month here on Dad in the Middle, I publish a monthly compilation of the best of the best in children’s ministry blog articles from the preceding month.  It is known as the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, and it seemed appropriate to pick my ten favorite articles/series from those compilations for the prior year.  One caveat, I tried not to pick more than one article/series from each author, and it was tough!

1. Andy Johnson did a series on children and the gospel message. If you teach children, you should read through these articles carefully!

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Top 10 in 2010 – My Favorite Posts

2011 New Year_thumb[2]Yesterday, inspired by Sam Luce (as I always am), I started a series of posts with my yearly top ten lists.  Yesterday, we tackled the most popular posts of 2010.  Today, I want to look at some of my favorites.

  1. This Sunday [05/30/2010]
  2. Why Yelling Doesn’t Work [12/03/2010]
  3. A Glimpse Into God’s View of Divorce [12/02/2010]
  4. My Birthday and the Book of Judges [08/26/2010]
  5. On Missing and Being Missed [03/30/2010]
  6. Them People Ain’t So Smart! (Children’s Ministry Moment #10) [07/09/2010]
  7. Crazy For Jesus [07/27/2010]
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This Month in the Middle (December 2009)

This Month in the Middle WideEach month this entry provides a categorized listing of the posts from the prior month. So, here the final “This Month in the Middle” for 2009 summarizing entries during December! Make sure you check out our Index Page as well.

A Christmas Carol Advent

Children’s Ministry / Kid’s Stuff

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Dad in the Middle – The Year in Review

In a couple of days, I intend to post on some New Year’s Resolutions and look forward to the coming year, but today I thought it made sense to look back at the past.  Specifically, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the past year of this blog.  As any of you who read these posts have probably surmised, I am a list person, and will get to some lists of best and most popular in a little bit.  Before we do that though, I want to take just a bit to reflect.

It has been an exciting year for me here at Dad in the Middle.  I started this blog back in the Summer of 2008 with a series on the Biblical Definition of Love.  Not many people read it back then – which was OK.  I mainly started the blog because I like to write out what I am studying, and I decided a blog might be an interesting way to do that and if a dozen people or so read it or got anything out those posts, that would have been fine!  I continued along that way for a while and even wrote about a few other things.  I took a couple of month break from writing anything at the beginning of the year, and the first post was not until February 21 when I posted I’m sorry…an open letter to my family and friends a combination of confession and testimony.  After another month of two or three posts, something happened towards the end of March.  I started to feel more and more called to try to use this blog more for the glory of God and less as my personal note taking site.

On March 29, I summarized an interesting Nightline Debate on the topic of “Is Satan Real?” After that, the posts became more and more frequent.  On April 7 I started The Blog Patrol which has morphed several times during the year and become a popular feature on the sight.  It is now a monthly feature called The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  Over the course of the year, my focus has also shifted from general issues related to Christianity to a greater focus on issues related to Children’s Ministry.

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