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Shout Out Loud

This fast paced song is sure to get the kids in your ministry up and moving and praising our creator and savior.


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I Think I Am Going to Throw Up

With a catchy title and a catchy tune, this one is sure to be popular with kids. When else do you get to sing “I think I’m going to throw up” and “I think I’m gonna hurl” at church?


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CM TeleSummit – Praise and Worship That Rocks – Yancy

cmtelesummit Here is my next installment of notes from the CMTelesummit.

  • Been around children’s ministry her entire life.
  • Praise and Worship
  • What is the purpose of worship leaders?
    • Worship is communication
      • Communication with God
      • As leaders, worship time is also communication to kids or families
      • Everything we do communicates something to our audience
  • “Leading Worship is more about your leadership ability than your musical ability.”
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The Children's Ministry Blog Patrol (September 2009)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

The NEW AND IMPROVED Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol seems to have been a success. I hope that you will find this month’s equally as useful. There are a lot of people out there dedicated to Children and Children’s Ministry publishing great and useful stuff on the internet. This is my attempt to try to compile some of the best of that information into one place for your perusal.


I’ve added a new feature this month to accentuate those articles which I feel are “must reads.” Well, frankly, I think they’re all must-reads, but for the best-of-the best, I’ve added this graphic to the right of the title. If you’re running low on time, make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

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What If Cartoons Could Worship?

One of the first “Christian songs” my kids ever heard after I came to Christ was Chris Rice’s “Cartoon Song.” In fact, Chris Rice was the first artist both my son and daughter ever saw in concert. We still love to jam to this song. This video was put together by a fan with a puppet and a green screen. The words aren’t quite right, but don’t let that detract from the rest of it, it’s great:

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