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December 8 – We Three Kings (A Christmas Carol Advent)





Also known as We Three Kings of Orient Are and “The Quest of the Magi” this song was written by the Reverend John H. Hopkins, Jr. (pastor of Christ Episcopal Church) in 1857.  Hopkins wrote both the lyrics and the music for a Christmas Pageant at General Theological Seminary.

Commentary & Analysis

I included this song because the “three kings” are one of the more widely misunderstood and misinterpreted aspects of Christmas.  Despite the fact that so many manger scenes show the wise men in the manger, the Bible actually indicates that Jesus may have been as old as two years old.  Herod had all the boy children two years old and younger killed based on the information from the wise men.  The Bible also refers to Jesus as a “child” when the wise men finally arrived.  Finally, the Bible only indicates that “wise men came from the east.”  There is no indication as to the country of origin, number of visitors or that they were “Kings.”  All of this information has been inferred from the very little information actually included in the text.  For example, the idea that there were three visitors is likely an outgrowth of the fact that three gifts are mentioned in the text.

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