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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – The End by Kenny Conley

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, Kenny Conley chose the phrase “The End.”

Kenny’s basic premise is that in order to succeed in children’s ministry we must focus, not on the here and now, but on the end.  What are our goals?  What is it that we want our children’s ministries to accomplish?  In Kenny’s words we, “must be laser-focused on the end.” He argues that for years we have focused on and relied upon curriculum to result in life-long followers of Christ with little success.  He explains:

In the end, we want the children who populate our children’s ministries to be fully devoted followers of Christ, able to feed themselves and spiritually multiply. Although we often get too busy and overwhelmed with the here and now, this end is our greatest desire. If this end result is what matters most, then everything we do must be evaluated in light of the end.

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What Matter Now in Children’s Ministry – Parents by Gina McClain

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s MInistry, Gina McClain chose the Word “Parents.”  She writes:

“Every parent has a vision for their kids whether they know it or not. A vision for an education… from a Doctorate to simply an educational step higher than they achieved. A vision for a certain lifestyle… from multi-millionaire to simply a step above what they had growing up. A vision for opportunity… from NCAA athlete to simply more open doors than they had opened for them.

Some visions are more precise than others. In the end, parents want more for their kids. This vision drives decisions they make: where they devote their time, money and attention and where they lead their kids to devote their time, money and attention.

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