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I’m Busy! Do I Have Time To Care for God’s Children?

clockLast week in my continuing synopsis of Charles Spurgeon’s book Come ‘Ye Children, I was working through Chapter 7 titled “Feed My Sheep.” In that chapter, Spurgeon remarks that “When the Lord Jesus loves a man very much, He gives him much to do or much to suffer.”  God’s timing is funny, and never coincidental.  At the time I was working on that synopsis, I was also wrestling through issues related to whether or not I had enough time in my schedule to take on additional Children’s Ministry responsibilities.  Let me explain.

Beginning this past weekend, I took over the large group teaching segment in the kindergarten and 1st grade room for one of our services.  For the last year, I have served as a small group leader in that room and loved it, but God decided it was time for me to step up and try something new.  Also, for the last year or so, I have worked in our churches Awana program as a leader in the Cubbies room (Ages 3-4).

I knew my preparation time was going to increase for the teaching ministry, and I was planning on doing that again this year until a planning meeting a couple of weeks ago when the Awana Commander announced that they needed a new director for game time (he had filled that role previously before moving up to commander).  I had organized the games for vacation bible school this past summer and had a blast, so I expressed an interest in coordinating games and asked him what kind of time commitment it entailed.  I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time for both my teaching ministry on the weekend and for Awana games on Wednesday nights.  I didn’t want either ministry to suffer because I didn’t have the time to be fully committed to, and prepared for, both.

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