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We’re Out, But the Tournament Marches On

It’s official.  As of last Thursday, Dad in the Middle is officially out of the Kidmin Blog Madness competition, and that is no April Fool’s joke! We squeaked through in Round 1, but the stiff competition in Round 2 just turned out to be too much for this little blog. While we actually garnered more votes in round two than round one, and even almost snuck into second place, we ultimately succumbed to the great final round are part of the cream of the crop of children’s ministry blogs.

The four blogs that made the final are frequently featured in the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. I am in the final stages of putting together March’s installment of the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, and I thought in honor of these four blogs I would feature some of my favorite posts from each blog over the course of the last month. If you are not familiar with these blogs, you should be! Perhaps these posts will help you make your decision, then go ahead on over to Kidmin Blog Madness and cast your vote!

Children’s Ministry 1234 (Rob Bradbury)

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Next Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs (#11-20)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

As introduced Tuesday, this week we are looking at the top blogs for those in CHildren’s Ministry based on their inclusion in The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.

Here’s a look at where we’ve been and where we’re going:

These were numbers 11 through 20 of the Children’s Ministry Blogs included in The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. The fact that these are in the second ten instead of the top ten is merely a function of statistics. Many of these would be in my own personal top ten if I had just picked based on which ones I enjoy reading the most!

Orange Families
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