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Feed My Lambs (Synopsis of Come Ye' Children – Chapter 1)

chs-grayBrief Background on Spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon lived from 1834 through 1892 and is known as “The Prince of Preachers.”  He was the pastor at New Park Street Chapel in London for 38 years beginning in April 1854 at age tender age of 19.  A prolific writer and preacher, Mr. Spurgeon authored over 3,500 sermons, numerous books, letters, and much more.   He is most well known for his voluminous sermons, his commentary on the Psalms called “A Treasury of David” and his Mornings and Evenings Devotionals.  Mr. Spurgeon was a master teacher, and he held a special place in his heart for children.  He built an orphanage for boys and girls, promoted the teaching of God’s Word to young children, and generally held children in rather high esteem for his day and age.

At some point in his preaching career, Mr. Spurgeon wrote a small book titled “Come Ye’ Children” named after the well known scripture from Psalm 34:11.  The book is subtitled “A Book for Parents and Teachers on the Christian Training of Children” and is recognized as one of the most valuable books ever written on the subject the Christian training of Children.  It has been used in seminaries since Spurgeon penned it for instructing students on the conversion of children.

Over the next twenty-plus weeks, we will look in depth at this gem handed down to us from the “Prince of Preachers.”  We will see that, although written over 100 years ago, Mr. Spurgeon offers timeless truths and practical ideas for teaching kids about Christ gleaned from the Word of God.  I hope that through this rather detailed synopsis, a whole new generation of Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministry workers will benefit from the biblical wisdom Pastor Spurgeon offers in this work over 100 years ago.  I am passionate about working with children, and I have included many editorial comments in this synopsis which support or, hopefully, expand on Mr. Spurgeon’s original words.  I have included a link at the bottom of each post to the original text for each chapter.  I hope that will help you to distinguish between my thoughts and those offered by Mr. Spurgeon.  With that said, let’s get started with Chapter 1!

Chapter 1 – “Feed My Lambs” – How to Do It

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The Scary Prospect of Working with Children

I feel as though I have been called by God to work with Children. I love working with kids! Every time I have started helping out in the Children’s Ministry at church on a part time basis, it seems that it has quickly grown into a weekly schedule (or even more often). When we switched churches several years ago, I ignored that call for a couple of years, and I found myself feeling more and more empty and distant from God. Last fall, through a series of circumstances, I ended up volunteering once again in Children’s Ministry working with kids from age 3 (pre-school) through about 7 (1st grade).

I take that work very seriously. I believe working with children is one of God’s greatest, and perhaps most neglected, mission fields, and I take my role very seriously both as a Children’s Ministry volunteer and as the father of four children. The seriousness of the situation was reaffirmed for me recently when I read the results of a poll conducted by Barna Research. That study looked at the number of people in our nation with a “Biblical Worldview.” A Biblical worldview was defined based on responses to 6 basic questions:

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