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Ch. 5: Examining Your Goals – Shepherding A Child’s Heart (A Synopsis)

Shepherding A Child's HeartIn this installment of our synopsis of Tedd Tripp’s book “Shepherding A Child’s Heart,” we will look at Chapter 5 – “Examining Your Goals.”

Tripp explains that every parent wants kids who are happy and successful.  We differ in our definitions of success, but whatever our definition is, that’s what we want for our kids.  Tripp proceeds to examine several unbiblical goals that many parents have for their kids:

1. Developing Special Skills

We get our kids involved in all kids of different activities so that they can learn different skills.  Parents must consider whether they measure their own success based on the number and different types of activities they provide their kids.  Do we judge our kids’ success based on the number of skills they develop?  Is little Johnny a failure if he’s good at soccer and basketball, but struggles at football?  It is important that we consider whether all the activities we get our kids involved in have biblical content.

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