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Santa Claus and Children’s Ministry (Children’s Ministry Think Tank)


In case you missed it earlier this month, the latest Children’s Ministry Think Tank was just published over at I was going to promote it then, but I didn’t want to interrupt the whole Christmas Carol Advent The Think Tank got into the Christmas spirit this month to have a look at what Santa has to do with the holiday. I contributed my thoughts to the question again this installment along with several others involved in Children’s Ministry.

The question for this installment was:

How do you handle the whole issue of Santa Claus in your ministry? How would you redirect a group of children at church who are debating his existence? What advice would you give Christan parents & grandparents about Santa?

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Everybody Needs Jesus (Children's Ministry Moment #7)

Childrens_Ministry_MomentsDuring one lesson this past month, we were talking about the birth of Jesus and how he is the greatest gift a person could received.  The focus of the lesson was on how God gave us the greatest gift he could give, and we challenged the kids to think of a gift that they could give someone that week to show someone in their life the love of God.  As we were going around the table, one little boy’s eyes lit up as he figured out what gift he was going to give –

“I’m going to tell Santa Claus about Jesus!”

With God all things are possible!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

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