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A Thank You to the Kidmin Community

Thank YouI don’t generally post articles on a Sunday, but God has laid something on my heart over the last several weeks.  I felt like I needed to write about it.  As Christmas fast approaches, it is a great time of the year to reflect on those things we are thankful for.  First and foremost, of course, is that God condescended and took on human flesh as a baby in a manger to lead a perfect life and die on the cross for my sins only to rise three days later to conquer sin and death.  That is the thing we should all be most thankful for, but there is so much more, and I wanted to pause for just a second this morning to offer thanks.

When I first started blogging about my work in children’s ministry almost two years ago, I was amazed at how open and inviting the whole children’s ministry community was.  The camaraderie exhibited by the children’s ministry community, on and off line, is like nothing else I have ever come across.  Over the last couple of years, I have developed relationships with a number of kidmin people who, though I have never met them in person, I consider friends.  That said, I was not prepared for the outpouring of prayer of support that I have received from that community over the last several weeks.

You see, a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I started to have some back pains.  Having just gotten past a fairly long battle with a bulging disc and a pinched nerve, I was a little concerned, but I chalked it up to normal back pains and the physical therapy that I had been doing.  Unfortunately, the pain continued to get worse, and I have been pretty much flat on my back since then.  The point of this article is not to complain or whine though.  I am confident that God is control, and he knows what is best.  I serve the Creator of everything and a great physician who is capable of doing his will. 

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The Art of Prayer (By My 2 Year Old)

Child In Thought I’m still catching up on notifying you all about articles I published over on The article titled What Can a 2-Year Old Teach You About Prayer? was published on June 13, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: In this post I share what my two year old Nathan taught me about prayer. It’s amazing what a toddler can teach you!

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My Birthday and the Book of Judges

image Today is my birthday.  I’m not one that gets too caught up in, and consumed by, my birthday each year.  It’s kind of fun, but i don’t get nervous as it approaches, and I don’t really care about adding another number to my years.  In fact, this year I hit 38!  Happy Birthday to me!  Other than the normal “I can’t believe I’m almost 40, where does the time go?” type feelings, I don’t really obsess about my age.  People always used to tell me that I acted older than my age, and I figure that I’m just now getting caught up.  That said, I do use the occasion each year to reflect on my life a little bit – where I’ve been, where I am, where I want to go, and most importantly on my relationship with Jesus Christ.

This week, as I was reflecting on those things, my mind started to wander to the book of Judges.  Now I have never stabbed a fat monarch through with a knife, killed 600 people with an ox goad, or driven a stake through a sleeping man’s head. I haven’t attacked an army of men with only torches and trumpets.  I’ve never promised to sacrifice my daughter in exchange for a victory in battle.  I don’t have long hair, and I’ve never chopped anything into 50 pieces and sent them as gifts to every state in the union.  That said, there is one verse that really resonates with me and my life from the Book of Judges (two verses really, but they say exactly the same thing).  Judges 17:6 and Judges 21:25 both read:

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

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What Are Kids Praying About?

Recently the children at Granger Community Church were asked to write out a prayer to God. This video shows what they were thinking, feeling and wishing. It also dispels the notion that kids cannot really understand the deeper things of life.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.887158&w=425&h=350&]

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Praying With Kids

Tim Hawkins looks at why some bedtime prayers may not be altogether appropriate for kids, and he doesn’t even get into the theology of this one. 🙂

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