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Join the Campaign to Revive the CMEdge Podcast!

Since I started actively blogging and networking online with other children’s ministry professionals,  I have come to admire and appreciate the work and resources of many in this field.  A couple of individuals who I have come to admire immensely for their willingness to share their insights and wisdom with others in the children’s ministry community are Kenny Conley and Sam Luce.  Their blogs are included in a list of very short blogs for which I make sure to read each and every article which is published.

A couple of months ago, I was listening to one of the very few good children’s ministry podcasts available out there today when a random thought popped into my head.  The thought went something like this:

“Sam Luce and Kenny Conley ought to do a podcast.  I think that would be a great blessing to the kidmin community.”

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