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Spontaneous Worship

image Have you had one of those moments in Children’s Ministry?  You know the ones.  The kind of moment when you step back and think – that’s a God thing!  The kind of moments you store away for the darker times when you question why it is you do what you do.  The kind of moment God gives us to refresh and restore our faith and our calling.  I had one of those moments this past weekend.  Before I jump right in and tell you about it though, let me give you a little bit a background.

Starting sometime over a year ago, God started to really convict me about the music we were using in our Kindergarten-1st Grade room.  There was nothing wrong with the songs we were using, but they were mostly what I call “fun songs” and lacked the depth I felt we should be giving to our kids in worship.  Based on God’s prompting, I resolved to start introducing some more theologically meaty tunes into the worship set.  One of the very first songs I started with was One Way from Hillsong Kids.  After all, there is no more important message in children’s ministry than that Jesus Christ is the One Way that we can be reconciled to the father.  If you aren’t familiar with the lyrics, I’ve included them below.

Anyhow, the first time we used the song, it was bust by all apparent measures.  The kids weren’t all the interested.  They didn’t pick up the lyrics.  Only the most ardent of our kids (two or three of the girls) even attempted the motions.  Even our worship leader, a high school girl who has been doing music with the kids for several years now, told me that she didn’t think that song was going to work, and maybe we should nix it.  I, however, exercised my spiritual gift of stubbornness (sarcasm intended) and stuck with the song.  We did it the next couple of weeks, and we have probably done it two or three times a month for the last year or so.  I have seen growth in the kids as they have really come to enjoy the song, and participation during worship is way up.  Many weeks, the song is requested by name.

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