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The Real Christmas Story (Revised & Updated)

This post was originally published on December 23, 2008.  I have updated the story a bit and thought is was worth posting again.  So, here goes, and Merry Christmas!

Every year in our family, we recount the Christmas story. Some years we do it with music, other years we read a story book, and one year the kids put on a puppet show complete with music! This year, we’re going back to the source of the story, and the source of all knowledge and wisdom, the Word of God. I thought I would share it with you.  The story itself is fairly long, but God’s story is worth the time!

Biblical passages are all footnoted.  As best I recall, all biblical passage are from the ESV.  Originally, this story was comprised only of passages directly from the Bible.  I have updated it to include some transitional statements between verses.  These are shown in italics.

The story of Christmas started a long long time ago.  In fact, the story of Christmas began with the beginning of time.

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R U Smarter Than a Fly? Christmas Pudding

R U Smarter than a Fly? is a unique series that looks at real Biblical stories through the fictional eyes of a fly. They are creative, entertaining and enlightening. In this episode – the Christmas story:

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