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The Scary Prospect of Working with Children

I feel as though I have been called by God to work with Children. I love working with kids! Every time I have started helping out in the Children’s Ministry at church on a part time basis, it seems that it has quickly grown into a weekly schedule (or even more often). When we switched churches several years ago, I ignored that call for a couple of years, and I found myself feeling more and more empty and distant from God. Last fall, through a series of circumstances, I ended up volunteering once again in Children’s Ministry working with kids from age 3 (pre-school) through about 7 (1st grade).

I take that work very seriously. I believe working with children is one of God’s greatest, and perhaps most neglected, mission fields, and I take my role very seriously both as a Children’s Ministry volunteer and as the father of four children. The seriousness of the situation was reaffirmed for me recently when I read the results of a poll conducted by Barna Research. That study looked at the number of people in our nation with a “Biblical Worldview.” A Biblical worldview was defined based on responses to 6 basic questions:

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