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December 7 – Manger Throne (A Christmas Carol Advent)





Manger Throne is a song performed by the Christian Band Third Day.  The song first appeared on the Christmas album titled City On a Hill: It’s Christmas Time released in 2002.

Commentary & Analysis

I love songs that really capture the condescension of Christ at Christmastime.  In this song, Mac Powell asks, with an appropriate level of reverence, “What kind of King would leave his throne in Heaven to make this earth his home?”  I think that sometimes, at Christmastime, we forget everything that God gave up to put on human skin, to come to earth, to be tempted in all ways like his creation, to be persecuted, to be falsely accused and to die on the cross to reconcile us to him.  This song asks the question, what kind of man would do that?  The answer is clear – no normal man would, but God did!  Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and whether he is sitting in the throne room of God or lying in a dirty manger, he is still king – thus the title of the song “Manger Throne.”  The song ends with a reminder that our heart is also the throne of God.

Questions for further Reflection / Devotion

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