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Crazy For Jesus

Crazy Guy Early last week, the mother of one of my wife’s friends passed away.  My wife spent a chunk of this past Saturday morning and afternoon at the funeral and the gathering afterward.  She did get home in time on Saturday to head off to Saturday night service at our church.  This was a particularly exciting Saturday, as my seven year old daughter was getting baptized.  As we were driving to the church, my nine year old son, Jacob, mentioned that he felt bad for my wife’s friend because she no longer had a mother.  We started to talk about how she did still have a mother, her mother was just in heaven now.

Well, Jacob wanted to make sure that he did a little fact checking to put his mind at ease.  So, first he asked if my wife’s friend was a Christian.  My wife explained that she was.  Then Jacob asked if her mom had been a Christian, and my wife again explained that she was.  That was sufficient for Jacob to conclude that they would be reunited in heaven, but then he proceeded to ask the most peculiar question:

What kind of Christian is she?

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