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My Kids Tell You What They Want Their Leaders to Know

Knowledge Here is another article I published over on The article titled 7 Things Kids Wish Their Leaders Knew was published on July 17, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: I asked my kids what they wish their children’s ministry leaders knew. This article summarizes what they told me.

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image Why did I review this book?

When Larry Shallenberger announced several months ago that he was planning on doing a book blog tour to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his book, I eagerly signed up.  I don’t know Larry personally, but I do follow his comments on Twitter and read his blog, so I kind of feel like I know him even if he doesn’t follow me on Twitter. 🙂  Based on that presumption of relationship, and the generally laid back nature of people in children’s ministry, I will refer to him as Larry throughout this review.

Anyhow, I knew that regardless of what the book was about, Larry’ has a great sense of humor and an easy to read writing style, so I knew reading his book wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.  That said, when I found out the topic of the book was leadership, I got just a little bit leery.  It’s not that I don’t like reading about leadership or being a leader.  I actually do, but the world has plenty of books on leadership, and I have read a bunch of them.  It seems the everybody who has ever been a boss or started a ministry or had people report to them has taken it upon themselves to write a book on leadership.  After a while, they all just seem to say the same thing – do it my way and you’ll be OK, and it ultimately all runs together into a fuzzy blurry haze in my head.  Besides that, I already have a group of people whose writings, podcasts, etc. on topic of leadership I devour.  They include people like Andy Stanley, Jim Wideman, and others who I have grown to trust in this area and have learned a lot from.  With all due respect to Larry, I wasn’t sure what he could offer that hadn’t either already heard or wasn’t getting from some of the other resources I was reviewing.

There’s an old, slightly cliché, saying that “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  I agree in principal, and Larry’s book turned out to be a prime example of this for me and another reason I try not to let pre-conceived notions totally guide what I choose to read.  Now, I’ve never recommended that someone not read this book, but if it hadn’t been for this blog tour, I’m not sure I ever would have read it either.  Had that happened, I would have missed out.

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CM TeleSummit – Leading a Core Volunteer Team – David Wakerley and Nathan McLean

cmtelesummit Here is my next installment of notes from the CMTelesummit.

  • Includes Nathan Mclean
  • Volunteers
    • Everything they do is based on volunteer base
    • Services not necessarily run by paid staff
    • Role of Children’s Pastor is to equip people within the church
    • Not there to do it alone but empower people to run the ministry
  • You as leader need to focus on what only you can do
    • Certain things only you can do
    • Other things you shouldn’t be doing
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CM TeleSummit – Proactive Leadership – Karl Bastian

cmtelesummit There are several people who have spoken thus far that I really admire and whom I have learned a lot from.  That said, I feel compelled to mention my great respect for Karl Bastian.  His heart for children is evident in all he does.  More importantly though, I think, his heart for those who minister to children is admirable.  That said, here are my notes from Karl’s presentation at the CMTelesummit.


  • Glad to see Gus made a cameo appearance at the Telesummit (make sure to check out their podcast)
  • – around since 1994
  • Have to understand kids if we want to minister to them
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CMTeleSummit – Leading Strategically From Your Strengths – Michael Chanley

cmtelesummit Here is my next installment of notes from the CMTelesummit.

  • Creator of
  • Discussion of World War II
    • Paraphrase – One who cannot be victorious takes a defensive posture, one who can be victorious attacks – didn’t catch the origin of this, but I liked it
    • Marines’ response after WWII and bombing of Pearl Harbor
    • Marines succeed in building warriors
  • For years, church has borrowed leadership principles from the business world
  • Oftentimes what we’re doing as a church is more like waging war than running a business
  • Strategy and war-fighting tactics of marines can be applied to any situation
  • Battles won by effective deployment of resources at the right time
  • First principle– Targeting critical vulnerabilities
    • Constant search for enemy
    • Forward looking
    • Critical examination
    • Must develop plan of attack
    • Pick one thing within your realm of responsibility that you can affect and write it down
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