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Dad in the Middle: Plans for the Immediate Future

DITM Thumbnail 125x125 Every once in a while, I like to step back and let the readers of this blog into my mind.  I know it can be a very scary place, but I’ll do my best to keep the lights on and keep this trip shorter than usual!  Relax, this is not another retrospective on this blog or a grand announcement of where we’re heading, but I did take some time during my Dark Week to reflect on blogging – what I do – and why I do it.

I have always said, and still do, that I blog principally as a means of processing my own thoughts and recording my own walk with Jesus.  I find that writing things out helps me to process them in a way that nothing else does.  However, something strange happened along the way, a God thing if you will, people started to read what I was writing and give feedback on the site.  You can imagine my surprise!   Suddenly, I felt God calling me (tugging me really) in a whole new direction to share my thoughts and experiences through blogging and allow him to use it to edify others.  I try not to say “No” to God as much as possible, so I went ahead writing and trusted Him to use it however he wished.

Through blogging though, and other online endeavors, I’ve met a slew of wonderful people who work in kidmin.  Not the least of those was Tony Kummer from quickly became one of my favorite sites, and I was flabbergasted when Tony asked me to start writing for his site several months back.  Given that Tony’s site would allow me to reach more people with the thoughts and ideas that God was laying on my heart, I quickly accepted and have published a number of articles on that site over the last several months.

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Kidmin1124 – A New Perspective on Children’s Ministry

BlueRedPeople Today, I am excited to announce to start of new project in the world of Children’s Ministry.  This morning marks the launch of a new group blogging project known as Kidmin1124. “Oh, that’s just what we need,” you might say, “another blog about children’s ministry.”  To that I would say two things.  First, we can always use another children’s ministry blog from people willing to share their wisdom and experience in Children’s Ministry.  Secondly, those of us involved in Kidmin1124 hope that this blog will offer a fresh perspective on Children’s Ministry.

Here is what we are all about.  Kidmin1124 brings together a group of volunteers, part-time and bi-vocational children’s ministers who share a passion for children’s ministry.  We learn a lot from the great blogs that are out there, but there seems to be a void in blogs written from the perspective of those who are not full-time ministers.  We hope to fill that void.  In addition to our passion for kids, we all share a passion for equipping and sharpening others who serve in children’s ministry.Kidmin1124Logo

Our sincere hope is that God will use this new venture to be a blessing to the Kidmin community in general.  While it will be written primarily from the perspective of volunteers and part-time or bi-vocational children’s ministers, we hope that it will also grow into a useful blog for those in full-time ministry as well.

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