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Dad in the Middle Needs YOUR VOTE Today! announced a new Kidmin Blog Madness Competition starting yesterday. The competition features 64 blogs related to Children’s Ministry seeded and placed in four divisions. You can vote for to four blogs in each division, and the top four in each division will advance to the next round which will be announced a week from today on March 21, 2010.  The competition brings together all the best blogs from the Children’s Ministry from the internet for an interesting and friendly competition.  Most, if not all, of the blogs have been featured at one point or another in The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.

Dad in the Middle is the fifth seed in the hotly contested Eastern Division.

Please go to the Ministry-to-Children Kidmin Blog Madness Post now and cast your vote for Dad in the Middle!

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Collaborate: Family + Church – Pre-order Your Copy Today!

Starting today, a great new resources is available for pre-order on  The book, call Collaborate: Family + Church brings together Michael Chanley and 34 other writers from the field of Children’s Ministry to share their views on connecting parents and the church in the spiritual development of children.  The noted list of authors includes the “Who’s who” of Children’s Ministry today including:

I was familiar with many of these contributors prior to this book, and I have linked their blogs / pages in the list above where I could find. This group brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject together in one place which I think is unparalleled in any prior publication. I can not wait to get my copy and learn from them as well as the other contributors!

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The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (February 2010)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Welcome to The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. Every month we gather links from around the blogging world related to Children’s Ministry and issues important to those who work in Children’s Ministry and gather then together here in one place. There were a lot of great articles published this month in the world of Children’s Ministry. I hope you will take a few moments to check them out.

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To help identify what I view as the best, or most important, posts of the month, I’ve added this little graphic next to title of particularly pertinent posts. I think they’re all must-reads, but if you’re running short on time, you should make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

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Review of “What’s In the Bible”


I trust that many of you know who Phil Vischer is.  He founded Veggietales in 1990 and built the company into a wildly successful venture.  Phil left the company in 2003 (though he continues to voice characters in the movies).  Phil wrote about the whole adventure in a series called What Happened to Big Idea? After a couple of other ventures, Phil started Jelly Fish labs and Jellytelly in 2008 as a revolutionary way to reach children with the gospel of Christ.

The Jellytelly website started as a subscription site, then went to a free format (which is when I found them) and now appears to be subscription based again with some free content.  With puppet based characters like Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady, and many more combined with interviews with kids and The Fabulous Bentley Brothers (check out Old Testament…New Ideas (Jelly Telly’s Books of the Bible Series)), Jelly Telly offers internet based programming to teach kids about Christianity.

In 2009, Phil Vischer and Jelly Telly announced that they were joining forces with Focus on the Family and Tyndale House Publishing to produce a new 13 part series for kids called “What’s in the Bible” to walk kids through the Bible.  An ambitious project to walk kids through the entire Bible, I was excited to get my hands on it when it was first announced.  I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy of the first episodes – “In the Beginning” to review on this site.

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Does God Call People to Children’s Ministry? (Children’s Ministry Think Tank)


The latest Children’s Ministry Think Tank was published yesterday over at I contributed my thoughts to the question again this installment, and I must say, I am honored to be amongst the contributors this month which include Gina McClain, Sam Luce, Kenny Conley and Brenna Phillips. In fact, I am pretty sure that if someone did a “which one of these doesn’t belong” on this particular Think Tank, I would definitely be the answer!

The question for this installment was:

“How do you understand God’s calling to children’s ministry in your own life? How would you counsel a young person who is exploring this children’s ministry as a vocation? What do you make of Kids Pastors who move on to other positions in the church such as executive or senior pastor?”

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