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Monday Morning Prophecy #6 – Called from the Womb

cross-pictureIn our first series of Monday Morning Prophecies we started rather abruptly with the betrayal of Jesus.  I did this, in part, because I find the level of detail amazing when it comes to prophecies about Jesus from the Old Testament down to the level of the price paid for the betrayal.  For the next few weeks, we are going to go back to the beginning and look at prophecies related to the birth and early years of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As with the prophecies related to the betrayal of Jesus, I think you will see clearly that the prophecies related to his birth were also obviously beyond his control.

To begin our look at the prophecies related to his birth, let’s look first at the prophecy that the Messiah would be called from the womb.  Many people in our society can’t figure out what they should do with their lives well into their 30’s or even later.  Jesus was called by God for a purpose before he was ever born.  This is no surprise really given that God had the plan for our salvation before he ever created the world.  Let’s have a look at Isaiah 49:1:

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Isaiah 52:6 – Here I Am!

The English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible renders Isaiah 52:6 as follows:

Therefore my people shall know my name. Therefore in that day they shall know that it is I who speak; here am I.

However, it was while I was reading the New English Translation (NET) of the Bible and keeping track of the different ways that God is referred to that this verse really jumped off the page at me.  That translation renders it:

For this reason my people will know my name, for this reason they will know at that time that I am the one who says, ‘Here I am.’

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is similar,

Therefore My people will know My name;
therefore [they will know] on that day
that I am He who says:
Here I am.”

What an awesome statement from God, “I am the one who says, ‘Here I am.'”  The verse is presented in the Old Testament in the context of God’s redemption of Israel (his chosen people).  But at a very fundamental level, it speaks to the relational aspect of God.  Here is the God who created us, spoke the world into existence and holds the universe together, and he says “Here I Am.”  God does not require that we search for him or reach some higher plateau before we can find him.  He is right there the whole time whispering to us, “Here I Am.”  He provides us the proof of his existence that we need, and he calls out to us, “Here I am!”

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