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The Power of a Story

Those of us with kids, and those of us who work with kids, understand the power of a good story.  All to often in our culture today, kids are fed empty concepts without the benefit of the story.  The other morning, on my way to work, I was listening to a podcast from a couple of weeks ago (7/31).  The program was the Albert Mohler Show, and the guest host Dr. Russel Moore was discussing the benefit of stories in developing the moral imagination.  Dr. Moore’s guest on that program was Andrew Petersen, a well-know Christian singer and children’s book author.

I was actually introduced to the music of Andrew Petersen in another blog post from Dr. Moore several months back, and I have become a big fan. The discussion of storytelling, and its importance in a Christian household, was fascinating.

Dr. Moore’s posted a short article about the program on his blog at

Dr. Moore links to a fascinating article from David Mills titled Enchanting Children.

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