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Shaped By The Story

Anyone who had read some of the articles on this site will recognize that one of my passions in Children’s Ministry is finding ways to get children excited about the Bible.  I want them to read it.  I want them to absorb it.  I want them see how it applies to their lives.  I want the Bible to some alive for them.  I want them to hunger for more. I am constantly striving to find new and better ways to achieve that goal.

In last month’s Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (January 2010) I featured a couple of blog posts from   Amy Dolan (Shaped by Story) and  Henry Zonio (Stepping Into the Story) about an article written by Amy Dolan called “Shaped By Story” and published in the January/February issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine.  In the article Amy Dolan looks at a “new” method of conveying Bible stories developed by Michael Novelli and discussed in his book Shaped by the Story: Helping Students Encounter God in a New Way.  I have not yet read Mr. Novelli’s book, but after reading Ms. Dolan’s article I will certainly add it to my reading list.

I was drawn in by the very first paragraph of Ms. Dolan’s article:

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