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December 1 – Christmas With A Capital "C" (A Christmas Carol Advent)




From the album titled Snow, Christmas With a Capital “C” is performed by the Go Fish Guys.  Go Fish is a popular Christian groups whose music, for the most part, targets children but with an “adult friendly” angle.  In other words, it’s kids’ music that most adults don’t mind listening to.  However, their harmonic Christmas album Snow is wonderful for all ages and includes this song which has had a viral response on the internet with over 9,000,000 views of their youtube video.

Commentary & Analysis

This song revolts against the current cultural trend which tries to separate Christ from the celebration of his birthday.  Go Fish defiantly reminds us that “It’s about the birth of Christ, and you can’t take that away.”   No matter what our society does with Christmas, as Christians we must remember what the day is really all about.  It’s about the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.  In the second verse, the song introduces the basics of the gospel – that we all sin (“God’s got a law and we pretty much destroyed it.”), that we will be judged (“We’re gonna get judged, there’s no way to avoid it.”), and that Jesus came to be our savior (“But Jesus came down to take the punishment for me.”).  Ultimately, that IS what Christmas is all about!

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