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A Fun Idea for Kids’ Offering Time

image I’m heading off to the CM Expo this week, so it seemed like a good time to get caught up on telling you about some articles I’ve written over the last several weeks which were published on The article titled Why Not Have Fun with Your Kids Church Offering? was published on May 25, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: In this article, I share a tool which we’ve started using in our children’s ministry to make offering a little more fun.  It’s been a couple of months since I wrote the original article, and I am glad to say the kids are having as much fun as ever with their offering time at church!

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An Object Lesson on the Impact of Giving

image I’m still trying to catch up on articles published over at  Here is another synopsis of an article which I published over on  The article titled GIVING OBJECT LESSON FOR CHILDREN was published on May 21, 2010.

Brief Synopsis

In this article, I share an object lesson I did on the power of cooperation when it comes to giving. 

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Blog Patrol (June 16, 2009)


Welcome to “the traffic is a little bit lighter these days because everyone is on vacation” edition of The Blog Patrol. O.K. That actually has nothing to do with this weeks edition of The Blog Patrol but was just a random observation I made driving home on Monday. That said, enjoy the articles this week. There are a bunch of really thought provoking articles included.


These are the stragglers from the prior week which I either didn’t receive or find in time to add to last weeks Blog Patrol. Enjoy!

As The Leader

  • This article offers some critical guidelines for leaders in Children’s Ministry.

Tuesday (June 9, 2009)


  • Rob Bradbury looks at the scientific evidence that giving is better than receiving.

#556. Asking our kids to be a mini Jesus.

  • This post reminds us that kids, while they can deepen our faith, are not always “a walking, talking daily reminder of Jesus.”

Two Facts About Spiritual Warfare

  • In this first part of a two part series, Perry Noble looks at the fact that the enemy will always come after the leader and looks at ways to prepare for those attacks.

10 Reminders re: Gospel Faithfulness

  • Tony Reinke looks at 10 reminders about the gospel gleaned from Galatians 1:6-10

The Gift of Prophecy – How To Test It

  • Adrian Warnock looks at 7 questions to test the gift of prophecy.

Question: Is Evangelism Child Abuse?

  • Michael Spencer asks the question of whether or not evangelizing teens amounts to child abuse.

Sacrificing Children–to Sports, Not Molech

  • Owen Strachan offers this warning to parents about children and sports. This one is definitely worth reading for any parents.

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