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On the Importance of Kids Actually Reading the Bible

BibleTVI was reading an interesting article from Mike Johnson on the Future of Kidmin yesterday as part of the wonderful series in which a variety of leaders in the field are answering the question, “What is the future of kidmin?”  In the article, Mike explores the idea that, more and more, kids will use video as their means of accessing and understanding the stories of the Bible.  I don’t disagree, and I think those of us who are parents and/or in children’s ministry should find ways to leverage this technology, and kids’ affinity for it, for the Kingdom of God.  That said, the article also got me thinking.  It got me thinking about the importance of kids actually reading the Bible for themselves rather than just viewing prepackaged videos of Bible stories.  Before I start though, I should say that I don’t believe Mike was advocating in his article that video should replace reading, just that we should capitalize on the power of video.  I agree with that contention.  That said, his article was just the jumping off point for my own thinking on the subject which I will explore further in this article.

So, why is it important that kids actually read their Bibles?  Don’t videos accomplish the same thing in terms of transfer of information?  Are videos bad? How, in an age when more and more kids are leaning on electronic transmission of information, do we encourage them to crack open the pages of the Bible?  These are all important questions that we need to address.

So, why is it important that kids actually read their Bibles?

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