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10 Things I Love About Being A Dad

It’s time for a simple post.  Simple to read, and more importantly simple to write.  God has blessed me abundantly in my life.  One area is as a Dad.  I love being a Dad.  It is frustrating at times, and there are moments when I wonder whether I am really cut out for it, but when push comes to shove, I really like being a Dad.  The hardest part of this post was limiting the list to just ten items.  Here’s my list:

  1. Hugs and kisses after a long day at work, or before bedtime, or just because.
  2. The cute things they say that make you smile from ear to ear.
  3. When God speaks through them into my life.
  4. Hearing “I love you Daddy.”
  5. Seeing their face when they open that present that they really want.
  6. Having the opportunity to model God the father in their lives.
  7. Cuddling on the couch and watching a movie.
  8. Watching them grow and learn.
  9. Listening to their stories.
  10. Seeing the world through their eyes.

imageThanks to Joshua (17), Jacob (9), Lyndsey (7) and Nathan (3).  They are the inspiration for this post!  This picture is from a couple of years ago.  It’s amazing how hard it is to get pictures of all six of us together. 🙂

What would you add?  Leave a comment below.  Moms are welcome to comment too!

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10 Tips on Biblical Fatherhood

FatherandChild I’m still catching up on notifying you all about articles I published over on The article titled Biblical Parenting: 10 Tips for Fathers was published on June 16, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: Based on a sermon preached by my pastor, this article looks at 10 tips for parenting biblically based on a verse which may not always be associated with fatherhood.  I think this verse has great potential to impact fathers and how they raise their kids.

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I'm watching you Dad

I great message for Dad’s and all parents.  They’re watching even when you don’t think they see you.

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Blog Patrol (June 30, 2009)



The Blog Patrol is now three months old, and I have had a great time putting together every week. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found a lot of great blogs out there, and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. So…I’m changing it up.  The truth is, this one weekly entry takes up a large chunk of my time. That time is starting to take away from my priorities in life…my God, my family and my ministry to kids. So, I’ve decided, at least temporarily to change things. Going forward, The Blog Patrol will be a monthly series rather than weekly. I can’t promise how soon after the end of each month I will get it out, but I am going to do my best. Also, over the last several months, The Blog Patrol has become increasingly focus on the issues of children’s ministry, kids and parenting. Without intending it, my love and God’s will for my life has had a significant impact on this series. So, I’ve decided for the time being I will be limited the monthly Blog Patrol to articles related primarily to those three topics. I still follow a lot of other non-Children’s Ministry related blogs, and if I see something particularly appealing, I will be sure to pass that along. So, with that out of the way, let’s get on to the last weekly installment of the Blog Patrol. By the way, if you have any feedback about the change in format, I would love to hear about it. Enjoy!

Since last week was dedicated to articles about parenting, kids, and children’s ministry in honor of Father’s Day, there are a lot of stragglers this week. I tried to limit it to the “best of the best!”


These are the stragglers from the prior week which I either didn’t receive or find in time to add to last weeks Blog Patrol. Enjoy!

How Much Of What We Believe Is From The Bible?

  • This articles asks the pressing question, are there doctrines you hold fast to that are not actually in the Bible. May favorite is, “God helps those who help themselves.” I’ve looked – it’s not in there!

On Disciplined Reading (Pt. 3): How Should I Read? Tips on Getting the Most from Your Reading

  • Bruce Ashford’s series on reading continues with this article with tips for getting the most out of what you choose to read.

On Disciplined Reading (Pt. 4): Why Should I Read? Other Advantages of Reading

  • I didn’t want to leave you hanging on this series. In this installment, Bruce Ashford looks at other benefits of reading.

Discerning Idolatry in Desire

  • In this article subtitled “12 Ways to Recognize the Rise of Covetousness,” John Piper looks at warning signs that your desire is turning into covetous idolatry.

8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders

  • Thomas Rainer looks at 8 qualities that are necessary to be an effective leader in a church.

On Disciplined Reading (Pt. 5): Questions, Answers, and Concluding Thoughts

  • In this final post in his Disciplined Reading Series, Bruce Ashford addersses some of the questions he received while writing this series.

On Disciplined Reading

  • I love a bulleted summary, and Between Two Worlds offers this bulleted summary of the points raised by Bruce Ashford in his series on reading that we’ve been following here on the Blog Patrol!

Ohio: The state of tightrope walkers and acrobats

  • Being from Ohio, I felt morally bound to add this article to The Blog Patrol. I’d love to meet the collective genius that came up with this tourism plan! 

How much do you matter?

  • From Children’s Ministry Online, Kenny looks at 11 reasons you matter if you work in Children’s Ministry.

Twitter thought

  • In this short post, David Wakerly offers a unique twist on how to think of Children’s Ministry.

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Blog Patrol (June 23, 2009)

police-fish Welcome to a special post-Father’s Day installment of the Blog Patrol! In honor of Father’s Day, all articles linked in this week’s blog patrol have to do with parenting, kids and Children’s Ministry.


These are the stragglers from the prior week which I either didn’t receive or find in time to add to last weeks Blog Patrol. Enjoy!

Growing Up Without Dad

  • Keith M. Jowers offers this moving personal testimony about growing up without a Dad.

Tuesday (June 16, 2009)

How Fatherhood Is Changing

  • John Fuller offers a link to a Voice of America report on the changing views of fatherhood in America.

Family Time vs. Computer Time???

  • This article from CM Buzz looks at the growing trend of computer time being used to replace what was formerly family time and the negative impact of that trend.

Fathers, Your Attitude Should Be Like Christ’s

  • This article from John Younts reminds fathers that their attitude in parenting should mirror that of Christ.

Helping Kids Use Their Powers For Good

  • This article examines how to draw the best out of each child based on the unique gifts God has given him.

Leading a child to faith

  • Kenny Conley starts a new series on leading a child to faith with some background information.

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