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FAITHWEAVER PARENT CLASS (A Dad in the Middle Review)

FaithWeaverParent The  Bible is clear that the principle responsibility for the spiritual development of children lies with parents.   In children’s ministry, and as a church, we must work to encourage and equip parents in this role.  To that end, Group Publishing has developed a small group curriculum that engages both parents and children.  The press release accompanying this curriculum explains:

The new small group curriculum, which launches this fall in churches around the country, is part of Group’s FaithWeaver® line of resources, which includes classes for all ages and has been successfully used in more than 25,000 churches nationwide since 1999. While parents are attending their small group, their children attend classes designed for them. Each week, everyone studies and discusses the same Bible point at an age-appropriate level.

“For example,” says [Christine] Yount Jones [executive editor of Children’s Ministry magazine], “one week the children might learn how they can rely on God. At the same time, the parents are taught how to help their children rely on God. Parents learn how to do this in practical ways and share ideas with other parents in their group. Now they can go home and weave faith teaching into their children’s lives throughout the week, focusing on this particular area.”

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