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#1 – ESV Children’s Bible (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #1Call me crazy, but a Bible had to be #1 on any list of the best Christian books for kids, and this particular version does not disappoint.  I bought a copy of the ESV Study Bible last October when it first came out, and the ESV has quickly become my favorite translation of the Bible.  I’m actually on my third time through it now!  I was excited to see a copy of the ESV in a Children’s Bible as well.  Although it is a little more difficult reading than a translation like the NIrV, I want to challenge my kids, and this Bible is a great translation for that!

It does not have all the “bells and whistles” throughout the text like the NIrV Adventurers Bible which came in number four on this list, but I had to give the nod to this version as I think it more accurately reflects the Word of God.  It does include over 200 wonderful full page illustrations along with scripture verses  to help kids picture what things must have been like in Biblical times.  Also, like other Crossway publications, including the ESV Study Bible, the additional information and articles added at the front and back of the Bible are superb!  They include:

  • The Bible God’s Message to Us
  • What The Bible Says About Itself
  • How To Use the Bible
  • About This Bible
  • Who Is God?  What Is God Like?
  • God Makes Himself Known
  • God Chooses a People for Himself
  • The Ten Commandments
  • From Old to New Testament
  • Jesus” God’s Righteous Son
  • Good News!
  • The Gospel of Jesus
  • What Is Salvation?
  • Salvation Explained
  • Sanctification: Becoming More Like Jesus
  • The Fight of Faith
  • The Promises of God
  • Go Into All the World
  • How Will You Respond to What You Have Read?
  • Bible Reading Tips
  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Learning to Pray
  • Bible Memory
  • Dictionary
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