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30 Ways to Get Connected with Your Kids

As workers in Children’s Ministry, the time we get with the kids in our program each week is very limited.  It is critical that we make the most of that time to build concrete and lasting relationships with the kids.

I am currently blessed to be able to volunteer in the Children’s Ministry at my local church.  On the weekends, I work with kindergarten and first graders.  During the Wednesday night Awana program, I work with three and four year olds.  Each of these opportunities gives me the chance to spend some small group time with a select group of kids as well as large group time with the entire class.

At our church, we are fast approaching the weekend when kids graduate to their new classrooms.  I will lose some of my “favorite” kids, and I will be faced with a sea of new faces intermixed with the ones I already know.  Given that change, it seems like an appropriate time to sit back and collect my thoughts on how to get connected with the kids in our classroom.  My experience has generally been with elementary age kids, and you will no doubt see the bent of that experience in the following list (for example, being goofy works well with younger kids, teenagers will think you’re just plain strange if you go too far over the top).  So, with that said, here is a list of 30 things I have found that are useful in getting connected with kids:

  1. Pray about connecting – Anything successful in Children’s ministry generally begins with prayer.  Ask God to give you deep and lasting connections with the kids in your group. Ask him to give you opportunities to invest in your kids.  Ask him to remind you frequently that you are there to invest in the lives of these kids and not just to herd them from one activity to the next.  Ask him to give you the wisdom to disciple your kids, and thank him for giving you the privilege of working with his children.
  2. Prepare to connect – Connection is not something that just happens!  You must be very intentional about it.  You’re doing that right now by reading this article.  Think about, and meditate on, ways to build connections.  Be creative!  Have fun!  Figure out what is going to work best with your personality.
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