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December 22 – Come And Worship (A Christmas Carol Advent)





This song based on the Hymn “Angels from the Realms of Glory” was written by Bebo Norman for his Christmas CD entitled Christmas…From The Realms of Glory. That CD was released in 2007.

Commentary & Analysis

This month, we have looked at Christmas from the standpoint of shepherds, wise men, Mary, and a spectator in Bethlehem, amongst others.  This song tells the story of Christmas from heaven’s perspective.  The first verse speaks to the angels from creation to proclaiming the Messiah’s birth.  The chorus is a call to the only rightful response to the coming Messiah – one of worship.  In the second verse, we see a heavenly view of the shepherds.  Rather than  focusing on the awe and wonder of the shepherds, this verse recounts what the shepherds were privileged to see – the very light of God come in infant form to live with his creation.  The final verse looks forward to Christ’s second coming when his work shall finally be completed and his eternal kingdom established.  This song places Christmas in its rightful position in God’s larger story from Genesis to Revelation.

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