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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Us by David Wakerley

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, David Wakerley chose the word “Us.”

He begins the article with a brief want through history.  Despite the influence that one person can have, Dave reminds us that even people like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. did not accomplish their ultimate objectives on their own.  We live in a day and age, influenced by electronic media and the potential for public exposure, where the ability to be heard and potential influence of an individual far exceeds any other point in history.  That said, true change happens when people unite and come together behind a cause.  Whether it is a cause or a revival, it requires cooperation and working together.  It requires far more than an “I.”  It requires an “US.”  David explains what this means:

Our children need to realize that their individual voices have the potential to be louder than ever before… but volume has never guaranteed influence. When enough voices unite together, a moment happens, a tipping point occurs and a movement emerges. The conversation turns from a lone voice in the wilderness to a crowd in the town square.

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Don’t Miss Out On This Kidmin Resource

I wanted to post an article today to make you aware of an invaluable resource from one of my favorite Children’s Ministry websites on the internet today –  Today’s article will focus on the Forums but first I wanted to tell you a little more about website itself.  I have featured the page in several posts I’ve done of the best of best when it comes to Children’s Ministry including:

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