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December 15 – Christmas Hymn (A Christmas Carol Advent)





Written by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, A Christmas Hymn first appeared on Amy Grant’s first Christmas CD appropriately titled “A Christmas Album.”  It was released in 1983.

Commentary & Analysis

This modern day hymn written by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith captures the majesty of Christmas and the redeeming work of Christ.  The song begins with a reminder that the coming of Christ to die for our sins was the ultimate demonstration of God’s love (John 3:16).  In coming to take on human flesh, Christ left his throne as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to be born as a baby in a manger.

One minor issue I have with this song comes in the second verse that proclaims “All creation praised him.”  Indeed, at some point in the future every knee shall bow (Romans 14:11), but when Jesus came the Bible is clear that he came to his own and they did not know him (John 1:11).  Perhaps they had something else in mind when they wrote this verse, but at his first coming all of God’s creation did not praise him.

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