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#9 – Big Truths for Young Hearts (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #9Big Truths for Young Heart is the one book in my top ten that actually breaks my own rules for this list.  Unlike the other books, I have not yet read this one cover-to-cover.  I have read numerous sections in doing research for various bible studies.

This book by Dr. Bruce Ware represents a complete systematic theology work meant entirely for children.  This book includes sections covering:

  • God’s Word
  • The Trinity
  • Creation and Dominion
  • Human Nature and Sin
  • Christology
  • The Completed Work of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Salvation
  • The Church
  • Eschatology

Each section is divided into a number smaller, kid-friendly sized, chapters. indicates this work is intended for 6-14 year olds.  That said, I’ve read chapters to both my 8-year-old and 6-year-old, and it kept their interest.  It also sparked interesting conversations dealing with the topics in each chapter.  Each chapter includes discussion questions as well as a memory verse based on the chapter.

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