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CONNECT WITH YOUR KIDS – By Jim Wideman (A Dad in the Middle Review)

image Several months ago, I sat down to read Connect With Your Kids by Jim Wideman.  The book was so practical and engaging that I finished it in one sitting.  Not only that, I wore out a highlighter noting all the quotable passages from the book.  Unfortunately, the format of this review will not allow me to share ALL of those.  Needless to say though, I think this is a book that any parents, and everyone who works with kids, should move to the top of their reading list.

About the Book

The quip on the back of the book describes its purpose quite clearly:

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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Worldview

Yesterday, I posted my official review of the free new e-book called What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry.  It is a compilation of the views of 33 leaders in the Children’s Ministry world relating to what they feel are the most important issues facing children’s and family ministries today.  Over the next several weeks, I intend to pick certain chapters and ideas and reflect on and continue the conversation related to those themes.  Before I do that though, I decided to give some thought to what I would written about if I had been asked this question.  My understanding of the assignment was to pick one word which answered the question from the title of the book then provide a 300 word or fewer summary of that issue as I see it.  Some of the articles read I said 200 words and others said 300.  I opted for the 300 word limit – even then I went a little bit over!  So, the following is what I would have submitted to the project had I been asked. 🙂

Father and child silhouette in whiteThere is only one thing that really matters in Children’s Ministry.  It is the same thing that has always mattered, and that is Jesus – leading kids to accept him as their Lord and discipling them in how to follow him.  Next to helping lead children to Christ, the one thing that matters most is WORLDVIEW – specifically a Biblical Worldview.  Everything we do must be geared towards helping children to live their lives through the lens and filter of God’s Word.

It is not enough just to teach kids about Jesus.  It is not enough just to get them to a point where they pray a prayer asking Jesus into their lives.  Those things are absolutely necessary, but in of themselves, they will leave a child like a seed planted in the rocky soil that will wither and die at the first sign of trouble.  The Bible tells us that we must study the scriptures, meditate on them and write them on our hearts.  It also tells us we must be doers of the word.  This is the worldview that we must instill in our children.  Our job in children’s ministry, and as parents, is to help kids to build a solid foundation in the Word of God so that, as they face the troubles, temptations and trials of this world, they can persevere and conquer in a way consistent with God’s Word and honoring to Him.

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What is the big deal with contentment?

Originally posted August 5, 2008 on Facebook

Someone asked me how I felt the other day, and my answer was “content.” I’m paraphrasing, but the reply to my statement was something like “sorry to hear that.” We went on to discuss that I felt like “content” was a good thing and a great way to feel. On the other hand, their impression was that “content” has a negative connotation, and that someone who was “just content” should strive towards something better. That got me thinking about what it really means to be content.

What is the source of contentment in our lives? Many people search all kinds of areas for contentment….other people, relationships, kids, money, alcohol, drugs, causes, things, etc. You name it, and people try to use it to find contentment. The problem is that as soon as we get to a point that seems like contentment with one thing, some other desire or perceived need arises and we become discontent all over again.

We live in a culture built around discontentment. Look at any advertisement on television. The basic premise is that you should not be happy with what you have, and the next thing you buy will bring that happiness and contentment. Ironically, that next always happens to be the thing that’s being advertised. One more new thing, and you will be happy! We have grown up in, and live in, a culture which is discontent at its very core. We seek contentment everywhere we never truly find it because we neglect the source of true contentment. I believe the high divorce rate in our culture is a glaring example of how we have built a culture of discontentment. Rather than “rejoicing in the wife of our youth,” so many become discontent and convince themselves that they can do better the next time. The increased divorce rates for subsequent marriages, though, indicates that this is not the case.

So, where do we find true contentment? We find it only in God. He is the only thing in life which can give us true contentment. The great thing about the contentment that we find with God is that it spreads to other areas of our lives. It is unrealistic to think to something we buy can make us truly happy and content. Only the maker of those things holds that power in his hands. It is unfair to expect that another person can bring us that contentment. Only the creator of that person holds that gift. True contentment in our lives can only come from our Lord and Savior.

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