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A Glimpse Into God’s View of Divorce

DivorceToday’s post is about divorce and the impact of divorce on kids.  It is the beginning of what I hope will be series of articles over the next several months on the general issue of marriage and divorce.  I hope to cover a biblical view of divorce, statistics related to divorce, the impact of divorce on children, and much more.  I do not know why God has laid this on my heart to explore and discuss this issue.  Though I lost my mother when I was six years old, my parents were not divorced and my father and step-mother have now been married for over 20 years.  By the grace of God, I am not divorced.  So, I do not write with a first-hand knowledge of the emotions which accompany divorce.  I think that this is both a positive and a negative.  That said, God has increasingly laid this issue on my heart and so I will move forward in obedience to God.

I feel like an article like this (or a series of articles like these) needs to have some sort of disclaimer – not a disclaimer of God’s Word which is true and infallible and needs no disclaimer – but a disclaimer as to the intent and purpose of the article.  I believe that the Bible is clear – divorce is a sin and God’s plan is a plan of reconciliation.  I also believe that the Bible is the revelation of God who is the ultimate in authority in our lives.  Divorce is not the worst of all sins or an unforgivable sin, but it is a sin (in most cases), and the church has for the most part abdicated its responsibility and mislead its people in not calling it a sin.  It is a sin like all others that needs to be repented of like all others.  And, like other sins, it it the reason the Christ died on the cross.

That said, if you have been divorced, God does not love you any more or less than if you have not.  This is not an article about why you or anyone else should, or should not, have gotten divorced.  It is not an article meant to condemn you if you have been divorced.  If we are in Christ, we have been given his righteousness, and that is what God sees when he looks at us.  This is not an article meant to point out the speck in your eye while ignoring the plank in my own eye.  It is an article about God’s plan and the impact that divorce has on that plan.  It is, I hope, and article which will make people take a second to think about the implications of divorce both on families and on the church.

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Why I Believe the Bible #17 (The Bible’s Impact on Individual Lives)


The Bible has impacted great civilizations throughout history. We covered that last week. The Bible, and the Lord that it reveals, has impacted millions upon millions upon millions of individual lives throughout history. J. Carter Swaim once said:

“The real influence of the Bible cannot be measured: It is reckoned only in terms of hearts that have been lifted up, decisions that have been changed, the men and women who, in response to its impervious demands, have done justice and loved kindness and walked humbly with God.”

The Bible has given hope for the despondent, deliverance for the enslaved, and a light for the lost. If the only the lives of few people has been changed, the evidence would not be as compelling. However, the Bible has impacted the lives of people of all ages, races and nationalities have been changed. There are numerous lives and biographies you can look to of Christians throughout history whose lives have been changed. I can only offer my own. This is my testimony about how the Bible and Jesus Christ have changed my life.

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On the Importance of Kids Actually Reading the Bible

BibleTVI was reading an interesting article from Mike Johnson on the Future of Kidmin yesterday as part of the wonderful series in which a variety of leaders in the field are answering the question, “What is the future of kidmin?”  In the article, Mike explores the idea that, more and more, kids will use video as their means of accessing and understanding the stories of the Bible.  I don’t disagree, and I think those of us who are parents and/or in children’s ministry should find ways to leverage this technology, and kids’ affinity for it, for the Kingdom of God.  That said, the article also got me thinking.  It got me thinking about the importance of kids actually reading the Bible for themselves rather than just viewing prepackaged videos of Bible stories.  Before I start though, I should say that I don’t believe Mike was advocating in his article that video should replace reading, just that we should capitalize on the power of video.  I agree with that contention.  That said, his article was just the jumping off point for my own thinking on the subject which I will explore further in this article.

So, why is it important that kids actually read their Bibles?  Don’t videos accomplish the same thing in terms of transfer of information?  Are videos bad? How, in an age when more and more kids are leaning on electronic transmission of information, do we encourage them to crack open the pages of the Bible?  These are all important questions that we need to address.

So, why is it important that kids actually read their Bibles?

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Why I Believe the Bible #16 (The Bible’s Influence on Civilization)


Geisler & Nix wrote:

“The Bible presents the highest ideals known to man, ideals that have molded civilization.”

No other book in the history of humankind has had such a vast, widespread and profound influence on civilization. No other book even comes close. This provides further proof of the supernatural inspiration of the Bible.

Consider the following:

  • The United Stated system of government system set out in our constitution is based on the principles found in the Bible.
  • The Declaration of Independence cites rights endowed by our creator.
  • Numerous judicial systems are based on Biblical principles of justice.
  • Standards of morality throughout history have been based on God’s model revealed in the Bible.
  • Even in ancient cultures like the Chinese, ancient characters have been found with references to the Genesis story of Adam and Eve, the garden and the flood.
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Who is on Your Stool?

Who is in the driver’s seat of your life?

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