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American Idol – I Like it When the Good Guys Win!

No disrespect intended to Adam Lambert, but I was delighted this past Wednesday when Kris Allen won American Idol.  I know there is a lot of controversy within Christian circles even over the name of the show, but I think it’s proof that God can work through whatever means he wants to share the good news of Christ.

I saw another blog post with the following video of Kris Allen worshiping God with the song “God of this City.”  It’s a great song, and I love this rendition.  I’m sure he’s bound contractually to American Idol for a while after winning the how, but I hope at some point he puts out a worship album.  As Christians, we should pray that God will work through Kris to reach younger American’s who overwhelmingly reject the Christian religion.  Enjoy!

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Spurgeon on Self-Righteousness

I’m working on a new series for this blog called “American Idols.”  I’m hoping to roll it out either later this week, or more likely next week some time.  The series will look at some of the common idols in our American society today.  I’ve also recently discovered the treasury that is the sermons and writings of Charles Spurgeon.  I’m not sure how it has taken me this long to find them, but I’m glad that I finally did.  His vivid writing bring theological concepts to life and light.

Anyhow, in doing some research on what idolatry, I came across the following a Spurgeon sermon entitled “Idols Abolished.”  In the following excerpt, Spurgeon looks at the idol of self-righteousness.  If you can read what he has to say and not feel at all convicted, you might what to examine whether your heart has been hardened to your own self-righteousness and pray that God would search your heart and reveal any such idol to you.  There is an even more powerful portion of the sermon on idolatry and the cross of Christ, but I am saving that for the introduction to the “American Idols” series.  Here is what Spurgeon has to say about self-righteousness:

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