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#4 – The Adventurers Bible for Early Readers (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #4It’s about time we had a Bible in our top ten list, and this certainly won’t be the last one we see in this list of the Top Ten Christian Books for Kids.  The NIrV Advernturer Bible for Early Readers contains the complete text of The New International Reader’s translation recommended for younger children.  The NIV translation is one of the best selling translations of the Bible ever, and the NIrV is the NIV slightly modified to make it easier for children to read and understand.  As explained in the NIrV for kids to understand:

“We used the words of the NIV when we could.  When the NIV words were long, we used words that were shorter.  We wanted to use words that are easy to understand.  We explained words that might be hard to understand in a dictionary at the back of the Bible.  We also made the NIV sentences much shorter.”

This is the version of the Bible I use for teaching my kindergarten and first grade room at church.  Although I personally prefer other versions of the Bible (you’ll see at least one of those later in this list), this is a great translation for kids – especially younger kids.  The shorter sentences make “repeat after me” much easier for the kids to follow.  Although the NIV and NIrV are phrase-for-phrase translations, they do remain as faithful to the original text as possible.  The Adventurers Bible explains it this way for kids to understand:

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