Trauma Informed Churches – Linda Ranson Jacobs [CMConference 2015]

Description: Early trauma causes toxic stress on the brains of young children and it causes untold stress on older kids. Learn tips & techniques to help your leaders/volunteers better minister to traumatized children and their families.

aces Take respect out of your vocabulary. These kids have not been respected, and they don’t know what respect is.

If you want to change a kid’s behavior, change the adult’s responses.

How can churches change?

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Crucial Conversations – Chad Owens [CMConnect Conference 2015]

Description: Learn how to navigate your way through misunderstandings and confusion through the art of effective communication.

If you are a leader, you are going to have conflict!

The Way Sign If you don’t want conflict, then leadership is not your calling.

Key to having hard but effective conversations is by first understanding the role you play in crucial conversations.

Goal as a leader is to bring resolve.

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Start Smart! Discover How Kids Learn Best – Shari Borders [CMConnect Conference 2015]

Description: A successful lesson begins with a solid understanding of how kids learn best. Come discover how to be a smart teacher and transform the lives of children. In this workshop you’ll learn how to capture kids’ attention, keep them engaged, and more!

21stcenturykids Describe kids today in a word:

  • Stressed
  • Intelligent
  • Energetic
  • Broken
  • Visual
  • Hectic
  • Egocentric
  • Entitled

Kids today are SMART

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CM Connect Conference – 2015 Opening Session (Jim Wideman)

Jim Wideman has always been a favorite of mine. He is a fountain of wisdom about children’s ministry and about life. So, it was a great joy to find out that he was coming to the CMConnect Conference to speak and hang out.

What is that one thing that will make my ministry grow? ..connect heaven and earth? Everybody wants the “magic pill.”

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CMConnect Conference – 2015 Opening Session (Andy Kirk)

I’m excited to be here at the CMConnect Conference this week at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky with hundreds upon hundreds of my closest friend. This Conference is comes from Michael Chanley and the people at CMConnect who desire to bring together people who minister to children.

The mission of this conference is Connect / Serve / Advance.

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CMConference – Come For the Conference, Stay for the Party

childrens-ministry-conference-logoNext week, I have the pleasure of speaking at the very first CMConference in Louisville, KY. I’m presenting a workshop called Kids in Crisis: How to Minister to Children from Modern Families on Thursday at 2 P.M. (in room 212). Here’s the workshop description: “Today’s modern families are different, and the church needs to keep up with those changes. In this workshop, we will define family, look at how family has changed, and explore the impact of the modern family on faith and how your church should adapt.”

If you’re anywhere close to Louisville (w/in 300-400 miles), you need to come. The conference starts Wednesday afternoon (pre-conference activities are available) and officially runs through Friday night. The line up of speakers is top notched (present company excluded), including people like Jim Wideman, Michael Chanley, Beth Guckenberger, Andy Kirk, Karen Rhodes, Linda Ranson Jacobs, everyone’s favorite aussie David Wakerly, the Bonnie Deroski, Yancy Richmond, let’s not forget Bo Harrington and many many more. In fact, you can see the whole lineup at and the schedule at

I’d love to connect with you if you’re coming, so make sure to comment below, email me, find me on Facebook or Tweet at me to let me know!

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A Free Gift for Under Resourced Children’s Ministry Workers

I know it’s a cheap trick to throw the word FREE in the title of your blog post to get people to read it, but hey whatever works. In this case it actually is FREE though – no strings attached.

I wanted to take a second to let you know about an opportunity to attend a brand new children’s ministry conference for…wait for it….FREE! You may have heard that Michael Chanley and the good people from CM Connect are launching a brand new conference this coming April 15 – 17 (that’s 2015) in Louisville, Kentucky. The Children’s Ministry Conference is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience for many reasons – not the least of which is that I’ll be speaking. On top of that (like you need more, I know), there will be nationally and internationally known speakers whose goal is to equip you at this conference “organized in a church and for the Church” and “designed to meet the specific needs of those attending and to solve problems you face in your church.”

Due to the generosity of some of the Conference sponsors, Children’s Ministry Conference is now offering a limited number of free registrations. Here is some more information from Michael:

“We want this blessing to go to serve churches in need. It’s not an unlimited offer; so, please, if your church will cover your expenses then we ask you to not use this limited code. If you can’t afford to cover your own travel and lodging, please let someone else take advantage of this opportunity. However, if your church is going through a hard season, your budget has been exhausted or you are under-resourced, this is definitely for you… just act quickly before the free passes are all gone!”

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