2020-02-26 to 28 Pictures: Charleston, South Carolina

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2020-03-01 Pictures: Lyndsey’s College Signing Day

This afternoon Lyndsey made it official, signing her letter of intent to play college basketball for the Hiram College Terriers starting next year. While she made the decision and committed to Hiram before Christmas, she has been looking forward to this day since her...

2020-02-13 Pictures: Lyndsey’s 18th Birthday

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What Does God Hate?

This is the little and humble post that started it all. I happened to be reading through my Bible, and this passage impacted me so much that I posted a little blurb about it on Facebook. That was July 28, 2008, and I've been writing and sharing ever since. (Maybe...

Leaving Heaven (December 24)


To view the entire 2011 Christmas Carol Advent check out our Christmas Carol Advent index page.



Story Behind the Song

Leaving Heaven was written by Matthew West.  Along with Vince Gill, Matthew recorded the song for 2011 album The Heart of Christmas.

Commentary & Analysis

I saved this song for Christmas Eve day because I think it captures the heart of what was about to happen just prior to the original Christmas night.  Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was walking in paradise with His Father and with the Holy Spirit as He always had in perfect communion.  But, that was going to change.  Based on a plan that existed before time, Jesus was about to leave the comfort and perfect relationship.  He was about the leave heaven.  Instead of street of gold, our savior walked the dirt laden streets of His creation.  In stead of perfect communion, he was born in a manger.  And, what should we make of all this?  Is a testament to God’s mercy, grace and love for us.

What answer should that prompt in us?  It should prompt us to accept that we are sinners, that Christ left heaven, was born in manager, grew up but never sinner, died on the cross in my place and rose again three days later.  It should lead us to place our love and faith in Him as Lord and Savior so that we can be reconciled with God.  When we do that, we too will one day walk the streets of gold in heaven in the presence of God.

Questions for Further Reflection / Devotion

  1. Take a minute to reflect on all that Christ gave up to come to earth as a man.  What does that mean to you?  What does it say about his love for you?
  2. The song reminds us that Jesus Christ laid down his life for us “like a truest friend.”  Indeed, the Bible tells us that the ultimate expression of love is laying down your life for another.  How often do you think about what Jesus did specifically for you in dying on that cross?
  3. Do you define yourself by how much you are worth to God or by some other measure?  Why?


Well, it’s been real nice living way up here
In paradise, over the atmosphere
But I can’t stay long, gotta make my way
I’m leaving Heaven today

You see the world is dark and it needs a light
I’m gonna hang a star in the eastern sky
So everybody’s gonna know where I touch down
I’m leaving Heaven right now

I’m gonna walk around that broken Earth
Trading in these streets of gold
So if you ever wonder how much you’re worth
You should know
That you’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven

Ain’t gonna be no kingdom, ain’t gonna be no crown
Just a little old manger, in a little old town
But it’ll do just fine for this humble King
I’m leaving Heaven let all the angels sing

I’m gonna walk around that broken Earth
Trading in these streets of gold
So if you ever wonder how much you’re worth
You should know
You’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven

And when my time comes to an end
I’ll lay down my life like a truest friend
And when I get back home, I’m gonna make some room
So, don’t you worry, ‘cause I’m coming back for you

And you will say goodbye to that broken Earth
You’re gonna walk on streets of gold
And if you ever wonder what my love is worth
Well you should know
That I’m the reason you’ll be seeing Heaven
Oh, you’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven
I’m leaving Heaven