A Brief History of Creation

It’s been a while since I suspended the Saturday morning video segment of this blog. I can’t promise a video every Saturday, but I’ve found so many good ones that I wanted to start sharing them again.

This is a fun little video that depicts the story of creation.  I used it several months back with our Kindergarteners and First Graders, and it was a hit!


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Lo-Depth Bible Studies: David

From bluefish.tv, this video uses children’s toys to tell the story of David and Goliath. Never mind those in-depth Bible studies you usually participate in, this is Lo-Depth Bible Study.

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Bible Book Bop

Here’s another great song from the group Go Fish. I use this one all the time in Children’s Ministry to help the kids remember the books of the Old Testament and New Testament.


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Shout Out Loud

This fast paced song is sure to get the kids in your ministry up and moving and praising our creator and savior.


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I Think I Am Going to Throw Up

With a catchy title and a catchy tune, this one is sure to be popular with kids. When else do you get to sing “I think I’m going to throw up” and “I think I’m gonna hurl” at church?


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The Ten Commandment Boogie

I have quickly become a fan of the group Go Fish. There songs are meant for children but are enjoyable for adults as well. That makes it perfect music to listen to on long road trips. In this particular video, they put the ten commandments to a catchy toon.


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