Releasing – Andy Kirk (CM Leaders)


Are you serving God or the concepts of God?

Could you walk away from your ministry and never do it again?

The key to releasing – Get close to the King’s heart.

Get close to your senior pastor.

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The Art of Disciple – Michelle Anthony (CM Leaders)


Keys to training and discipleship:


– It’s not a program
– Helping people think differently
– It takes time and proximity
– Feedback is needed in real time
– Things that are mature multiply


– Diverse gifts and talents
– Leading in areas where we never could
– Dream with others
– Keep ego in check
– Ignite critical thinking

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Recruiting & Volunteers – Patsy Palmer (CM Leaders)


Basic Principals of Recruiting

1. Pray
2. Be Sensitive
3. Obey
4. Never Overlook
5. Plan
6. Have
7. Give
8. Help

Identify the Following re: Volunteers

1. Saved?
2. Worshipper
3. Faithful
4. Active
5. Passionate
6. Organized
7. Creative
8. Teachable
9. Positive

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The Best Friends of a Leader – Jonathan Cliff (CM Leaders)

The Best Friends of a Leader – Jonathan Cliff (CM Leaders)


What makes a great friend?

1. Identify Strongly
2. Trusted
3. Shared History

Time is a great friend of a leader

1. Leaders have a great grasp of time.
2. Leaders control the margin in their lives. Margin is the thing you do between the things you do.
3. Leaders have learned to say no.

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Creating Freedom Fighters – Raziel Nunez (CM Leaders)


One of the things we struggle with in Mexico is lack of fatherhood.

These kids don’t know who they are.

Don’t know who there dad is. Just know he isn’t there.

When you talk about God being a Father, they just don’t understand that.

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Vision (Beth Guckenberger)


Vision is listening to The Lord and taking the next step.

Vision is putting yourself in the position where God can write the best possible story for you.

Nobody wants to hear about what man is not doing. They want to here about what God IS doing.

Millennials are hungry for churches that show vulnerability.

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