Children’s Ministry Moments


Anyone who works in Children’s Ministry knows that there are moments. There are moments of clarity, moments of frustration, moments of humor and moments that just take you aback. This series captures some of the moments I have been part of with both my kids and the kids in my classroom. Enjoy!

Here are a few moments that pre-date the start of this series:

And here are the ones that are “officially” part of the series:

  1. Children’s Ministry Moments #1 – Outdoor Guy [07/09/2009]
  2. Little Mouth…Deep Truth (Children’s Ministry Moment #2) [07/28/2009]
  3. You’ve Got To Love An Honest Kid (Children’s Ministry Moment #3) [09/06/2009]
  4. Where Did You Say He Was From (Children’s Ministry Moment #4) [10/14/2009]
  5. How Many People Were On That Boat? (Children’s Ministry Moment #5) [10/27/2009]
  6. What are Your Thanksgiving Traditions? (Children’s Ministry Moment #6) [11/24/2009]
  7. Everybody Needs Jesus (Children’s Ministry Moment #7) [12/28/2009]
  8. On the importance of being prepared in Children’s Ministry (Children’s Ministry Moment #8) [01/04/2010]
  9. I love Jesus enough to punch you in the mouth (Children’s Ministry Moment #9) [01/06/2010]
  10. Them People Ain’t So Smart! (Children’s Ministry Moment #10) [07/09/2010]
  11. Carrying Heavy Stuff (Children’s Ministry Moment #11) [10/28/2010]