Fresh Start – A Story of Ministry Burnout and Recovery [CMConnect Conference 2015]

Description: Struggling and overwhelmed by all you need to do? Showing the warning signs of burnout? Church planter, and former Preschool Pastor, Steven Dilla and Jason Tilley share his stories and offer practical solutions to leaders who want to thrive.

When you burnout, that is not your ceiling. That is not your limit. God is not done with you.

A scripture reading plan is a big deal. It pushes you into the things you are uncomfortable with.

There ought to be a lot in your relationship with Jesus that is not made public.

Where is your flexibility going? If you don't schedule it, it will go to you because we are selfish people.

The most productive people schedule themselves to work in two to three 90 minute blocks during the day. E-mails, etc handled during the rest of the day. Get a lot more done because you're not distracted or pulled away.

Practical Tools

  • Email management: Having the notifications on for your e-mail is the equivalent to smoking pot. Have a system about how you are going to handle your email.
  • Notifications on smart phone: Destroying our ability to focus. Mutil-tasking is a myth.


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  1. keijo leppioja |

    Yes and so precious gift to be recovered from sickness and from obstcles in hurting us and we wil be so thakful when rest is in us and all worry has gone in Jesus name,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden