CMConnect Conference Closing General Session

It's ashame to see this conference come to an end, but all in all it has been extremely successful for its freshman year. I am looking forward to coming back next year.


Keys to mission:

We can't fix the brokeness by dishing out an equal amount of goodness.

“What if the main issue in our culture today is not poverty or sex trafficing, homosexuality or abortion? What if the main issue is God? And what might happen if we made him our main focus instead? – David Platt

2. Confirm/Affirm your mission

Do you have a mission for your ministry?

Many ask “Does my church have a mission?” when they should ask “Does God's mission have my church?”

3. Develop your strategy

“However beautiful the stategy, you should occaisionally look at the results.” – Winston Churchill

When kids leave my ministry are they equipped to…

…articulate their faith?

…navigate the Bible?

…evangelize their friends?

God has called kids to be single-focused biblically-anchored world-changers. – Craig Groeschel

God wants to use our kids where they are now.

Don't hold them back…especially if they feel the call to do something bold.

4. Launch Families

Part of leading kids is leading their families.

5. Unite with others.


Connect: With Jesus and One Another

Serve: Heart for kids

Advance: The Rhino (if you were here, you'd understand)

Rhinos have bad vision but goes 30+ mph. It moves on faith – it makes a decision and it just goes. Rhinos only move forward.

Interview with Tony Weedor from Advancing Native Mission

There are more kids in refugee camps than there are in homes in Africa.

In Africa, they have the boots, but they need the weapons.




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  1. Hey Wayne! How was the conference? Is there any way we can get copies of the breakouts or main speakers? If so, any favorites of yours? I’m looking for some training for the team.