Trauma Informed Churches – Linda Ranson Jacobs [CMConference 2015]

Description: Early trauma causes toxic stress on the brains of young children and it causes untold stress on older kids. Learn tips & techniques to help your leaders/volunteers better minister to traumatized children and their families.

aces Take respect out of your vocabulary. These kids have not been respected, and they don’t know what respect is.

If you want to change a kid’s behavior, change the adult’s responses.

How can churches change?

  1. Educate your volunteers about trauma
  2. Stop asking kids to leave your groups
  3. Rethink 1-2-3 Strikes Your Out
  4. Teach what is happening in child’s brain
  5. Teach your volunteers to ask “What happened to you? How can I help you?”
  6. Reframe the issue in their minds – this child needs my help
  7. Develop empathy

Moving Forward

  1. Encourage church wide empathy
  2. Develop relationships
  3. Encourage grandparent support
  4. Set up support groups


Here is a copy of Linda’s notes from the breakout (I was too busy listening to take too many notes! :))



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